Behind the Scenes of Brassed Off

Behind the Scenes of Brassed Off

In this blog post, the cast and crew of 'Brassed Off' share their thoughts on bringing the show back again, following its sell-out run in Soham in 2017.

Darren Smith as Phil

It has been an absolute pleasure and honour to perform in Brassed Off. As a son of a coal miner, in turn a son of a coal miner, I remember the struggle as a child growing up in a community built on a dying industry. I remember seeing whole streets of homes abandoned in desperation. I remember seeing my own grandad, struggling with the health defects from working down the pit. But most of all I remember families and friends coming together to support one-another in any way possible. Brassed Off gives me the opportunity to be as close to real life as it must have felt for my family. And what a pleasure it has been to work alongside some of the most wonderful people both on and off stage.

Geoff Fisher as Harry

First of all it was a no-brainier when asked to be part of Brassed Off again. Having roots in a mining area and a Dad who was a brass bandsman (e flat bass), it means a great deal to me. Working again with such a lovely group of dedicated and talented people and meeting new ones has been a joy and rehearsals are a pleasure. I am sure we will do the ADC proud and show off Viva's talents. Where next? I can't wait to be reunited with my e flat bass.

Steve Perry as Jim

Who said lightning never ‘strikes’ twice!
Another amazing opportunity to play Jim the Eu-bloody-phonium-player.
The chemistry between the cast, crew and band is truly electric (powered by coal)
As the real Euphonium player of Westoe Colliery band during the 1984 Strike, I can confirm that this show truly captures the highs and lows of the period. With each and every performance the memories of the real experiences come flooding back to me.
Prepare yourself to climb onboard an emotional rollercoaster that pulls on the heart strings.

Sophie Plachcinski as Sandra

I am very excited to be performing Brassed Off for a second time with this amazingly talented cast, crew and band. Performing in Cambridge at the ADC Theatre is a great opportunity to showcase the work of 'Viva!' where friendships are formed, skills are honed and opportunities are made. Brassed Off is particularly important to me as my parents' families were based in Leeds and Dewsbury. Playing the role of Sandra is an absolute honour. Experiencing many a telling-off in broad accents during my childhood has been invaluable for my intense scenes! Rehearsals are always enjoyable, and the sense of camaraderie between everyone involved makes a powerful show that bit more magical!

David Tickner as Danny

I was so excited by the challenge of playing Danny the first time round. As a huge fan of Pete Postlethwaite, the prospect of following in his footsteps felt like a huge honour. I am even more thrilled that Viva is reprising the production - and in Cambridge, no less!
The atmosphere and camaraderie in rehearsals has been splendid, and it is no surprise that when the idea to repeat the production was first suggested, everybody - cast, band and crew - were up for it. And also, it is clear, the audience is up for it too.

Bridget Hickish as Nurse/Miner’s Wife/Photographer

Being asked to perform in Brassed Off for a second time is such a rare treat. Every rehearsal is like a family reunion, loads of shared history and banter not to mention the swearing. We've even let a couple of in-laws in (new cast members) and they seem to be coping well. Can't wait for the after show Shindig. I just hope the director has ‘budgeted for booze’.

'Brassed Off' can be seen at the ADC Theatre from Wed 17 - Sat 20 April 2019 at 7.45pm, with a 2.30pm matinée on the Saturday. Get your tickets here!