Behind-the-scenes: Producing GOD'S PROPERTY

Each of our student shows has a Producer who is responsible for its organisation. We spoke to ANNIKA HILGERT, the Producer of the upcoming play 'God's Property', about what it's like to produce a play.

What does being a Producer involve?

Being a producer essentially means taking on a lot of the organisational and administrative tasks involved in staging a show. That includes liaising and coordinating funding and budget, creating rehearsal schedules, checking in with other members of the production team on progress and concerns, overseeing marketing strategies, communicating with the venue, and ensuring that safety concerns and risk assessments are addressed. It really depends on how many of these tasks the director wants to take on and how big the production team is.

Have there been any particular challenges to Producing God's Property?

So far, producing ‘God’s Property’ has been fairly straightforward - there are some ambitious ideas involved so it has been very much a progress of discussion and making adjustments, like changes to the design of our set. One of my main tasks has been publicity as we are hoping to organise a post show talk and to collect donations towards a charity, and the main challenge there has really been to get people to reply to my emails!

What is your interaction with the creative roles in the show, like the Director and designers?

As a Producer, I like to think of myself as a facilitator - I want to help the director make their vision of the play come true, so I am working very closely with our director Hannah and it has been really rewarding see her ideas turn into reality on stage. In that sense, I often feel like the producer keeps everyone else grounded, checking in on ideas and plans so that they remain feasible.The producer is often a communicative link between the director and the rest of the production team, so I will answer questions as best I can or point towards people that know more.

What are you most excited about within the show?

One of the things that we were hoping to do with ‘God’s Property’ is to not only stage a narrative that doesn’t very often get told, but also to encourage an audience to come to see a show in a theatre that wouldn’t usually, so I am really excited to see if our publicity work, providing historical context for the theme of the play through social media, inviting a speaker, and our attempt to link with a charity, will have that effect!

God's Property is performing at the Corpus Playroom between Tue 11 and Sat 15 February at 7pm