Bringing 'Ghost: The Musical' to the Stage

Bringing 'Ghost: The Musical' to the Stage

Meet Alex, Maryam and Jonathan, playing Sam, Molly and Carl in Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society’s upcoming production of ‘Ghost: The Musical’.

Ghost: The Musical is based on the iconic 1990 film starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, and follows young couple Sam and Molly, and their best friend Carl, as they start a new life in New York City. But a surprise attack leaves Sam murdered and Molly at grave risk. It is up to the ghost of Sam, along with a little help from a phoney psychic Oda Mae Brown, to help Molly come to terms with his death, and protect her from imminent danger.

Alex Hancock, who plays Sam in next week’s production, says that “the difference between Sam’s life and afterlife provide the most interesting challenges of playing the character. Firstly, the audience isn’t given an enormous amount of time to get to know Sam before he dies, so it’s really important to be able to get across every aspect of his life, relationship and personality in the few living scenes he has and to present him as a character that the audience want to be on board with as he works out the difficulties of being a ghost. Sam finds it easier to express himself through his physicality than with words; his inability to use this form of expression as a ghost knocks his confidence at first, but ultimately forces him to vocalise his emotions in a way that he felt unable to while alive. Finding and expressing the character arc behind Sam’s actions across the musical is one of the most entertaining challenges of the role, but it’s still only second to getting to yell in other characters faces while they have to ignore him!”

Meanwhile, Maryam Dorudi claims that “Molly’s emotional journey throughout the show is huge. The musical starts with her on cloud nine, moving in with the love of her life. When Sam is murdered, Molly has to come to terms with a world without Sam and learn how to live without hiding in his shadow. She experiences grief, anger, hope, frustration, and at the same time she grows in confidence and understands exactly who she is.

“Before starting rehearsals, I pictured Molly as a small town girl from Connecticut (think Rory from Gilmore Girls) who’s travelled to New York to further her art career. Instead, she finds a boyfriend and that’s her life aspirations completed. But Molly is so much more than that. She’s young and naive, fierce and creative, and has huge ideas but doesn’t always know how to articulate them. By the end of the show, Molly has come full circle but in a stronger and more determined way. She finds happiness again, and she takes up her own space with courage.”

Alongside its incredible score, this musical is truly carried by its strong characters and powerful story and message. "I've always preferred musicals which prioritise story over showmanship”, says Jonathan Iceton. “Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of jazz hands as much as the next guy, but the musicals which have always stuck with me are those whose main aim is to move an audience, whose music takes them further into an emotional narrative than mere words could. Ghost is one of these musicals. From the moment those iconic chords first echo around the auditorium to the show's conclusion, each element perfectly works together to tell Sam, Molly, and Carl's story. A shockingly sympathetic plot considering the high aspect of the supernatural, it is a tale which has moved audiences since the film's release almost 30 years ago, and it's a joy to get to tell that story on the ADC stage”.

Featuring smash hits such as With You and the Righteous Brothers’ iconic Unchained Melody, Ghost: The Musical runs from Tuesday 14 to Saturday 18 May at 7.45pm at the ADC Theatre. Book your tickets here!