DRAGTIME comes to the ADC this Halloween

DRAGTIME comes to the ADC this Halloween

Cambridge's premiere drag troupe, DRAGTIME, is performing at the ADC Theatre during the week of Halloween. We spoke to them about what to expect in their latest show.

What acts can we expect in this year’s Dragtime show?

As always we’ll be bringing you a really wide variety of acts - everything from pop lip syncs to original comedic songs to burlesque to musical theatre to more serious acts commenting on current social and political issues. One of the wonderful things about putting on theatre shows (rather than being limited to events like club nights) is that it allows our drag performers to push boundaries and perform a much wider range of material - hopefully with this varied a lineup there’s something for everyone! 

What kind of Halloween-themed things will there be in the show?

Famously “Halloween is like drag Christmas”, so you can be sure that our performers have embraced the Halloween theme wholeheartedly! Each of our performers will be offering a different “take” on the subject (and admittedly some acts are much more tenuously linked to the theme than others!) but don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of spooky content - rumour has it the Addam’s Family, the Beetlejuice musical, and plenty of classic Halloween pop are all on the cards 👀 For anyone who normally loves celebrating Halloween and is at a bit of a loss for what to do this year, gathering your housemates and having a mini Halloween party with some drag entertainment sounds like the perfect night in to us!

How has the need to socially distance your performers affected the show?

In some ways at Dragtime! we’re quite lucky - because our shows follow a cabaret-style format, for the individual acts there’s normally only one person on stage anyway which makes things easier social distancing-wise! It has been a shame that we haven’t been able to do big flashy group numbers with all our performers to open and close the show like we normally would, but we’ve gotten creative with face shields/distanced choreography/etc which we hope will convey a similar energy! 

I think we’ve actually found the ““social distancing”” from our audience has had a much more profound impact - Dragtime! is normally a super interactive show and the atmosphere we’re able to create in partnership with the audience often feels really special. We’ve thought really hard about how we can try to convey that same sense of LGBT+ pride, joy, and community with a virtual rather than in-person audience, especially at the moment when many LGBT+ people are isolated from their support networks, communities, and chosen families. Hopefully our audience will still feel they’ve had the experience of being in an unapologetically LGBT+ affirming space, even if that space is digital rather than physical.

Dragtime Presents: #squadghouls is performing as a livestream to watch from home between Wednesday 28 and Saturday 31 October at 11pm