EQUUS Preview

EQUUS Preview

EQUUS is a classic play exploring love, psychology and sexuality, and is being performed at the ADC Theatre next week. We spoke to the show's Assistant Director, ALIX ADDINALL, to find out more about what to expect.

What should an audience expect from Equus?

Audiences should expect an impactful and thrilling performance with some really interesting visual elements and, of course, stand-out acting performances. They should expect to be shocked, at times disgusted, but also they should expect to feel compassion for the characters and their complicated lives. Ultimately, they should expect to be challenged by this play, but also to be completely wow-ed!

Equus is an unusual and at times controversial play, combining psychosexuality with religious fervor. How have you found navigating its many themes?

Equus is a challenging play, with many complex themes and character dynamics throughout. Navigating some of these themes has been daunting at times, as we have wanted to do justice to them and treat them as sensitively as possible, rather than treating them as a spectacle, or oddities. It can be a controversial play in many ways, but it is grounded by very real people and interesting discussions about sexuality, faith and how we live our lives, so bringing out these elements that are more relatable to most people’s lives has been our goal, amidst the undoubtedly more controversial or unusual aspects of the show.

How have rehearsals been coming along?

The rehearsal process has been really fun, the cast have been so willing to throw themselves into the exciting content of the play wholeheartedly, even when we’ve asked them to do slightly unconventional things: they’ve been mops, hairdryers and horses! We are so lucky to have such an exceptionally talented group of people working on this project, and being in a rehearsal space with our actors has been such a joy, seeing them work and helping them make sense of this rollercoaster of a show.

Without spoiling too much, what is your favourite part of the show?

There’s so many wonderful moments in the play, it’s hard to pick one! I think my favourite part right now is the last scene before the interval, which is a really climatic moment of the show where Alan takes a horse out for a ride in a nearby field. It’s got a lot of really exciting choral work and is a really impactful moment in the production, although it may be one of the slightly more unbridled moments too…

Equus is performing at the ADC Theatre between Tuesday 15 and Saturday 19 February at 7.45pm