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LOVE ALL: An Anti-Romantic Comedy

LOVE ALL: An Anti-Romantic Comedy

LOVE ALL, written by Dorothy Sayers, is being performed for the first time in 80 years. Find out more about what this unique anti-romantic comedy is all about...

Anti-romantic comedy Love All, written by Dorothy L. Sayers, is lighting up the stage for the first time in 80 years. This lost gem is the Week 3 Mainshow at the Corpus Playroom, and is a show unlike any other: a perfect mix of witty traditional 1930s drawing room comedy (following the footsteps of Oscar Wilde and Noël Coward) and contemporary themes of motherhood, sacrifice and expectations of women.  

The action flits from Venice to London, but all achieved in the intimate setting of the Corpus Playroom. This is one of the best aspects of the show, says director Frances Myatt. “I love Act II, when the action switches from Venice to London, and we meet several characters from the London theatre scene,” says Frances. “Dorothy L. Sayers was enchanted by the world of theatre, and in writing Act II she evidently had a great time lovingly poking fun at the excesses and mannerisms of London thespians.”

Written by one of the ‘queens of crime’ who formed the golden age of detective novels in the 1930s, ‘Love All’ deals with some very contemporary themes, such as the difficulties of balancing work and motherhood, the expectation that a woman should sacrifice her own career for that of her husband, and the still-widespread belief that a creative woman should be content to play the role of muse to a badly-behaved male ‘genius’. Without giving too much away, Frances says rehearsals are going brilliantly. “The actors are all having great fun with their parts, as they all offer a lot of scope for comedy, as well as some more weighty, serious moments, which makes for an interesting challenge. The ending is great, but I’m not going to give it away!” says Frances. “And of course we’ve got an amazingly organised and efficient crew, who are making sure everything works like clockwork backstage.”

Assistant director Isabella Ren gushes on the two female leads. “I love the dynamics between the two main female characters — it isn’t something you’d expect from a duo with many “conflicting interests”. The portrayal of women in this play can be summarised in the words of another great feminist writer— “Women, they have minds, and they have souls, as well as just hearts!” 

​​What’s more romantic in the run up to Valentine's Day than seeing a witty anti-romantic comedy? Don’t miss this lost gem’s return to the stage: enter the world of badly-behaved male ‘geniuses’ in the Corpus Playroom. You’re in for a treat with Love All.

Love All is performing at the Corpus Playroom between Tue 8 and Sat 12 February at 7pm