MAGNUM, by Fola Amuludun

In this blog post, Playwright and Producer Fola Amuludun tells us why 'MAGNUM' is a must-see this exam season.

Despite a giant condom with the word MAGNUM being the main design of this play, it’s so much more than just an 18 year old trying to get rid of her virginity (although it is very much about that). I wrote MAGNUM to follow in the footsteps of shows like Chewing Gum and Sex Education: both shows about people trying, and failing, to lose their virginities. These shows do a great job of giving us sex without – for the most part – any tragedy porn. So it was very important for me to write a character who is bisexual but who never has to be confronted with the societal oppression that comes with that. Instead, she gets to figure out her sexuality – as many of us do at university – and although there are bumps along the way, it is a really happy ending and one that every LGBT+ person deserves.

Lola Miller, who plays Kia, says ‘MAGNUM is such an important play for me - being able to play Kia as she discovers her sexuality, deals with insecurity, and figures out what she wants and how she wants to be treated has been such a privilege. Kia deals with all the crap that young women have to put up with, laughs it off, and learns from it and she’s a bit daft, but she’s funny and relatable.’

It should also be (hopefully) a funny play! The actors, directors, and crew members have dedicated a lot to this Week 1 Lateshow, at a time of incredible stress (and I thank them so much for doing that) – it’s only fair their hard work and efforts be rewarded with a ready and receptive audience!

MAGNUM opens at the ADC Theatre on Wednesday 1 May and runs until Saturday 4 May. Book your tickets here!