Performing Ödön van Horváth’s 'Don Juan Comes Back from the War'

In this blog post, Cordelia Sigurdsson, a member of the cast for 'Don Juan Comes Back from the War', tells us about the experience of acting in her first show at the ADC Theatre.

My involvement in the CUADC Freshers’ Lateshow, ‘Don Juan Comes Back from the War’, has been an absolute whirlwind and has gone by in a flash. It’s an interesting play in that the only named character is the main one (Don Juan). This meant that when I got the email from Phoebe (our Director) saying they would like to offer me the parts of ‘Girl, Woman 3 and Nurse 4’ I really thought I’d been given a few background extra roles. But, upon reading the script and attending the first rehearsal I was almost shocked to realise the actual dynamic of the play.

It has then been an amazing, unique and thrilling experience to discover together the nuances of the script and how on earth we can portray this quite complex storyline in a dynamic and yet engaging way on the stage of the ADC. With some initial worries from all of us about the content of some of the scenes, we have got through it and worked it out together. In the words of Katie Devey or ‘Woman 3’, ‘teamwork really does make the dream work’.

The play’s plot is certainly intriguing and one that will leave you conflicted as to whether you should laugh, cry or be slightly disgusted – but mostly we hope you feel at least something, and go away thinking about it for the rest of the night.

We have rehearsed at least five times a week for the past three weeks and so have quickly become close as a cast, which has perhaps been one of the best parts of this entire experience.

These rehearsals have been filled with passive aggressive comments and (un)helpful pointers (‘acting’ and ‘reacting’ and ‘less T- Rex’ being some of my personal favourites…) from Seb Brindle, our Assistant Director. However, Phoebe telling Ben (Don Juan) to speak ‘less documentary’ was arguably the greatest comment to come out of the directing duo.

On that note, none of this could have been done without Phoebe – she has put her life and soul into this play. Her commitment to her role has been admirable and she deserves every credit for the final outcome of the play. We hope our four night run at the ADC does justice to all the hard work put in – we are really hoping to see you all there and that you enjoy the show!

‘Don Juan Comes Back from the War’ opens at the ADC Theatre on Wednesday 14th November at 11pm and runs until Saturday 17th November.

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