Producing 'Mosquitoes'

In this blog post, Giorgio Ragozzino tells all about the experience of Producing this year's CUADC Freshers' Mainshow, 'Mosquitoes'.

Since I came on board as producer for Mosquitoes, I have been so surprised by just how much people care about what they’re creating. From the endless drafting and redrafting of our wonderful Publicity Designers, who created our awesome posters, flyers and programmes for the show, to the team of Stage Managers who have already sourced a mountain of props, and who are even now preparing themselves for what will likely be their busiest, most tiring week this term.

Our Costume Designer has dedicated her weekends to sourcing exact articles of clothing for characters, so that the world of the play feels real and living, and the Technical Director is impeccably organised, and knew exactly what everyone needed to do at yesterday’s get-in, as well as how best to help them do it, which is especially impressive when you consider the fact that for most of us, this is our first involvement with a theatre production; a shining example.

Seeing the world devised by our Set Designer come into being has been a privilege, as she’s been able to come up with something original and inventive, yet pragmatic and achievable, which satisfied all the demands made of it, and the achievement of our Head Carpenter in actualising it, who had never so much as held a power tool before getting involved in the show, is equally impressive.

The Lighting and Sound Designers, both of whom have had prior experience, have been invaluable to have on board; they each admit that they’ve learned so much more since starting work on the show and are equally dedicated to ensuring that everything runs smoothly, in the run up to the show and on the night!  

All of this just goes to show how open the whole process is; literally anyone can get involved. Many of our cast, incredibly talented in their own right, are absolute beginners, though each and every one of them cares so much about their involvement, spending hours on hours in rehearsals, honing their performances, in order to ensure that they can work fluidly together in realising our Directors’ creative vision, and doing Lucy Kirkwood’s incredible script justice. And the Directors themselves, who have overseen the entire process and done everything they can to make sure that everything comes together just as it should, and that their vision for the show is faithfully constructed.

Cambridge theatre has not at all been how I’d expected; it is an incredibly enjoyable, rewarding and exciting thing to be involved in, and the experience of producing is not one I’m likely to forget. Thank you immeasurably to everyone, though especially the ADC Theatre and CUADC; we wouldn’t have a show without any of you.

'Mosquitoes' is on at the ADC Theatre, Tue 13 - Sat 17 November 2018 at 7.45pm.

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