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The historical drama QUEEN ANNE opens at the ADC Theatre next week. We spoke to the show's Director, CASSIA THAKKAR, to find out more about the show's comedy, passion and spectacle...

What should an audience expect from Queen Anne?

The audience can expect a big vibrant period drama that pulls out all the stops! It's got music and drama and lots of gorgeous costumes. They will see women engaging in political intrigue and leading their own version of a Shakespearean style history play, that intertwines the political and the personal. Hopefully they will enjoy the comedy, the passion and the spectacle and leave wondering who was the true hero of the play... 

This is a play that is concerned with real historical events, and is about real people like Queen Anne and Sarah Churchill. How faithful do you feel like you and your actors need to be to history?

We decided early on in the process that we were trying to faithfully portray the characters Helen Edmunson had written, rather than the real historical figures. The cast have researched their characters but were encouraged to pick and chose the elements of the real people that they found interesting or useful to their interpretation of the role. Leon Hewitt, playing the statesman Sidney Godolphin became quite an expert in Stuart politics in preparation for the role, often reminding us of the international tensions bubbling over in the background.

Whereas, not a great deal is known about the early life of Abigail Hill, portrayed by Charlie Scott-Haynes and she has built her character from scratch using clues from the text and her imagination.

As for costume, there are contemporary elements to them, grounded in historical dress. We will see rich jewel tones and metallics that aren't period-accurate but that tell us a great deal about the characters! 

How have rehearsals been coming along?

Rehearsals have been going very well! The cast has melded together so well and become an excellent team! 

Without spoiling too much, what is your favourite part of the show?

My favourite part of the show is when the characters that have been working against each other for the whole play finally have a confrontation and all the tension and resentment that had been bubbling beneath the surface comes out into the open.

Queen Anne is performing at the ADC Theatre from Tuesday 12 to Saturday 16 October at 7.45pm