SCENE: Meet Flo

SCENE: Meet Flo

I’m Laura Cameron and I play Flo in ‘Scene’. Flo is excitable, creative, determined and daft all at once. She is the director of the play her and her girlfriend Ayo, are putting on about their relationship and she definitely takes her job seriously.

She is very driven and competent but also has a silly side which can be both endearing and also extremely frustrating. 

She is understanding and open to learning but having only been exposed to discussions about race recently, largely as a result of Ayo, Flo can often let her feelings of guilt take over, translates into a defensiveness that becomes a point of conflict in their relationship. Despite this Flo clearly loves and admires Ayo very much which is what makes this such a beautiful dynamic to explore.

I can definitely see myself in Flo and also various characteristics of my friends so at times during the rehearsal process its been challenging and close to home but in a great cathartic way.

The writing is just so brilliant and honest and as a team Lola, Martha and Gabs have been so open to discussion, involving us in all the creative decisions, so weve been able to create something that I think is really unique and special. I just hope other people think so too and that Saskia and I can do this amazing new play justice.

Laura Cameron