Welcome to our Summer Season!

Welcome to our Summer Season!

Our Theatre Manager, Vicky Collins, shares her highlights of the upcoming Summer Season!

Each season I draw inspiration from theatre makers and authors to introduce our shows. For my final season as Theatre Manager, I bring to mind the words of my favourite actor, and fellow Lancastrian, David Thewlis: ‘when you do something well, this is the best job in the world’. In my four years at this theatre, it is safe to say that our students have done well! Working with such talented and passionate theatre-makers has well and truly made this one of the best jobs in the world. I am excited (and more than a little sad!) to share my final season with you all.

The theatre has an illustrious history. Our alumni have gone on to impressive careers and this is in no small part due to our resident comedy society, the Footlights. Comedy is at the heart of each of our seasons and we are pleased to be hosting a wide range of comedians. One night stands range from a Russian TV sensation (Pindos), to a fundraiser for refugees in Greece (Laugh 4 Change), and to our legendary Footlights Smokers. We also have week-long sketch shows, such as Party Trick, Slush and Trowel and Error. The student term closes with The Footlights International Tour Show, a fixture of the ADC calendar. We are excited to host the show before the team head off on their world tour!

We also like to indulge in the classics and this term several of our shows interpret old favourites in new ways. At the Playroom, student Aidan Tulloch re-writes Sophocles’ tragedy Electra with originally composed techno music and slam poetry (Techno Electra). Later in term Marlowe’s masterpiece, Doctor Faustus, will be staged using jazz-funk choreography and original music to bring Faustus to life in a post-theistic age. Finally, we have a cult favourite brought to the stage. Ghost: The Musical is a stunning adaptation of the 1990 hit film. With supernatural special effects and some serious Righteous Brothers induced nostalgia, this musical is the perfect cathartic treat.

This season I am particularly excited by the number of female-led narratives we are staging. George Bernard Shaw’s Saint Joan is an involving and thought-provoking play exploring Joan of Arc’s determination to fulfil the wishes of the voices in her head and lead France to victory against the English. We are then staging Neil Anthony Docking’s stunning play, The Revlon Girl, which tells the story of a group of bereaved mothers eight months after the Aberfan Disaster. For our final pre-exam student show, we have a complete shift in tone. In the Next Room (or the Vibrator Play) offers an insight into some niche medical history and explores intimacy, marriage and the vibrator.

In signing off my final season introduction, I would like to take the opportunity to thank our production teams, our student societies, and our Executive Committee. Finally, I would like to thank our audiences. You create such a fantastic atmosphere in our theatres and the encouragement and enthusiasm our productions receive is immense. Without your continued support, this frenetic and fabulous theatre simply wouldn’t work. All there is left for me to say, in the borrowed words of one of our alumni:

So long, and thanks for all the fish.