Alan Bennett's Talking Heads monologues are being performed at the ADC Theatre next week. We spoke to the show's Director, RAE MORRIS, about what to expect.

Which monologues are being performed, and how are you approaching directing them?

The monologues will be Her Big Chance and A Lady of Letters on Wednesday, and A Chip in the Sugar and Soldiering On on Thursday. Directing them has been an absolute dream, working with such great people, talented actors, and obviously brilliant writing. The conversation during rehearsals has been very much around drawing out the characters with such a limited range of motion and no other actor on stage, around pitching and timing and how to keep going through such a long piece of text. I’ve also done my best to make the process of putting on this show as friendly and as social as possible, as well as open to anyone who’s really keen to get involved, especially after such a long period of being unable to hang out with new people and make theatre friends. 

How do you expect the audience will react to the show?

I hope that people will be pleased to be in a theatre again after such a long time away, I hope they’ll be as amazed by the performances as I’ve been throughout the whole process, I hope they’ll enjoy some of Alan Bennett’s best writing, and I hope they’ll appreciate all the work that’s gone into this production!

How has your show been affected by the need for social distancing?

Since they’re all monologues, thankfully not at all.

Without spoiling too much, what is your favourite part of the show?

Whilst being often very sad and touching, these monologues are also hilarious, particularly with such great actors, and I have a section or two in every monologue that I absolutely love every time we run through it. 

Talking Heads is performing at the ADC Theatre on Wed 26 and Thu 27 May at 11pm