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The Memory of Water – Meet Vi and Catherine

The Memory of Water – Meet Vi and Catherine

The countdown is on as the get in for 'The Memory of Water' begins. To celebrate our final weekend before opening night Anna and Priya have given us the lowdown on the final two characters of our play...

Anna on Vi

The Diva and the housewife wrapped in one, we see Vi as her daughter Mary remembers her. She loves to perform a type of aloof sophistication but is constantly haunted by memories of her own poverty, her loveless marriage and her slow decline with Alzheimer’s, and cannot prevent her frustration breaking through. As she appears in the surreal setting of Mary’s dreams, we see how her ambition and determination both supported and tormented her daughters, whilst simultaneously being brought round to the idea that she might have been hurt by them in return.

Priya on Catherine

Catherine is a really fun character! She's very bubbly and vivacious to the point where she drives everyone else insane! She's quite self-obsessed but it's a defence mechanism to deal with the fact she's deeply, deeply insecure and she deals with it in some not so great ways! It's so much fun to get stuck in because she has got a lot of layers going on and it has been really fun trying to get to the bottom of her character