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The dystopian play THE PHLEBOTOMIST is performing at the Corpus Playroom next week. We spoke to the show's Director, LILY ISAACS, to find out more.

What should an audience expect from The Phlebotomist?

Expectations aren’t useful for a play like this. We want our audiences to try and leave behind their preconceptions - about dystopias, the future, the government, medicine and try and enter into the story with a clean slate. That's when the play becomes most exciting, when you've forgotten what you thought about all that is showing - blood testing, genetics, love - and you're letting yourself into the characters, questioning your beliefs against theirs. 

Other than that - they should also expect a lot of fun. We've got a sexy romance, some explosive friendships, and an unnerving, exciting sense of what might await our world in the future.  

This play is set in the future, albeit a worryingly plausible one. How has the setting informed your production of the show?

We’ve been working on video footage and audio visual effects, all shot in Cambridge, to incorporate into the show to try and take the plot of the play and expand it into a whole world. This means you get footage of riots, political speeches, radio dispatches, advertisements dropped in through the plot. It’s been challenging to try and “futurise” Cambridge but should be a lot of fun for audience to spot familiar places amidst futuristic context. 

How have rehearsals been coming along?

Rehearsals have been a lot of fun. I’m so grateful to have such a willing, creative cast and team to work with. Entering the weird world of show with open eyes and hearts - I know they’re going to be so brilliant next week. 

Without spoiling too much, what is your favourite part of the show?

Aw, it’s hard to chose! If I had to say I’d say it would be our interludes throughout the play, there’s one about a dating app which cracks me up every time, and I tried to get our cast members to use a real dating app profile to no avail, but I always think of it when I watch the scene. More seriously though, I’d have to say the end of the play packs a real gut-punch, the first time I read it left me completely reeling, and I’m so excited to watch it brought to life.

The Phlebotomist is performing between Tuesday 18th and Saturday 22nd January at 7pm