Easter Week 1 ADC Mainshow Applications

We have re-opened applications for the Week 1 ADC Mainshow slot, Tue 2 - Sat 6 May.

Application Form 

Please click here to complete your application, using our online form.


Applications will close at 11am on Monday 13 March and applicants will be invited to an interview on Tuesday 14 March. Applicants will know the outcome of their application that evening so that auditions can take place before the end of term. We understand that this is a very short length of time to put your application together and this will be taken into account.

Any questions?

For more information about the process, please read the information below and if you have any questions please email applications@adctheatre.com.


We aim to programme seasons of student drama which are diverse, entertaining and exciting. We welcome applications from any student, regardless of experience. The only thing you need to apply is a creative idea and a passion to see it through.

The shows which make up our seasons should create opportunities for students to be involved in fun and rewarding theatrical projects and should appeal to our varied audience of students from around the city and members of the wider Cambridge community.

We are unlikely to programme a show which has been on at the ADC Theatre or Corpus Playroom already in the last 2-3 years. Please check camdram.net for information on when shows have last been put on and get in touch if you have any questions about this.

We do not commission productions and are led by the applications we receive.

Selection panel

The selection panel is made up of members of the Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club and members of the ADC Theatre Management Team.

Venue & Slot

The ADC Theatre is a large proscenium arch theatre, with a 6.5m wide x 10m deep stage. It seats 228 people.

ADC Theatre Mainshow: Tue - Sat, 7.45pm, running time 2hr 30

This is the 'biggest' slot in terms of ambition, cast and crew size, budget and audience numbers. Our mainshow audiences are 50% students, 50% non-students, so we generally programme shows in this slot which will appeal to the wider Cambridge community.

Competition is more intense for ADC Theatre mainshows than for other slots so you should scale your application accordingly: it is even more important to focus on getting your passion, ambition and commitment across. This is the only slot where having some experience of directing in Cambridge before (ideally at the ADC Theatre or Corpus Playroom) could significantly strengthen your application.


The rights-holders of most plays and musicals require you to purchase performing rights before a production can be staged.

If you are unsure who holds the performing rights to the play you want to put on then a good place to start is Samuel French, who hold rights to lots of shows and also know who holds the rights to others.

We strongly advise you to check whether the rights are available before applying as we are not able to programme shows where rights are not available. We do understand that it may not be possible to confirm this with the rights holders, but if you can get as much of a sense as possible, that would be appreciated.

At the pitching stage you will be asked to confirm whether you have looked into the rights for your production.

Other Information

You can apply with one production.

Applications do not have to include any specific production roles. For example, a producer can apply without a director.

We are only accepting electronic applications. 

If you have difficulty with the form or any other questions, please contact us.