Relaxed Performances at the ADC Theatre

Our relaxed performances are designed to allow those who benefit from a more laid-back audience experience to fully enjoy our shows. We aim to offer a supportive and welcoming environment for everyone at our venue, with various measures in place to ensure that your theatre experience is as enjoyable as possible!

Key features of our Relaxed Performances:

  • The lighting of the show is adjusted in places to be less intense - this includes the house lights being up at a low level throughout the performance and the removal of any flashing or strobing light
  • The sound is also adjusted to avoid any loud or sudden noises, including special effects such as pyrotechnics or confetti canons
  • Our bar will be set up as a designated chill out zone for the duration of the show, with soft furnishings and plenty of light/space if you need to take a break during the performance. There is also a small terrace just outside the bar if you need to step outside for some fresh air during the show. 
  • Our theatre staff and volunteer stewards will be on hand to guide you through the event and make sure you have everything you need whilst you're with us

Visual Story

We'll also produce a visual story for each relaxed performance at our venue. This will be emailed to ticketholders in advance of the event, so that you have the opportunity to read it and share or study the information. Our visual stories will give plenty of detail about:

  • The different spaces in the ADC Theatre, with pictures of each room
  • Who you will meet when you arrive at the theatre and what they will look like
  • The different characters that appear in the show and what they will look like
  • What happens during the show 
  • Anything else about your visit that might be helpful to know in advance

Please feel free to email or call us (01223 359547) if there's any specific information you'd like to given before the show or anything you would like to see included in a visual story and we can make sure your request is met!

Here is the visual story for our relaxed performance of Rapunzel: