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Mon 8 - Fri 12 June
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Content warning [May contain spoilers]

This is a series with installments at 2pm on Mon the 8th of June, Wed the 10th of June and Fri the 12th of June. If you would like to receive a reminder email for each of the shows then click the 'Book Now' button below next to the 8th of June. 

From cooking classes to a blog by your mysterious neighbour on how to be an expert karate coach, you may be feeling bombarded with ideas on how to spend this time indoors productively, as you sit for hours doing… well, that’s your business. Lifestream takes us inside the lives, and minds, of young adults struggling to find purpose, friendship and any remaining loo roll in the thick of isolation. Burdened by a world of dubious information and the increasing pressure to “do quarantine right”, these characters find themselves turning to online crash-courses, social media and - if all else fails - to each other, in an effort to rediscover some kind of “normal”... whatever that might mean.

We are committed to ensuring that the ADC Online season is free to access. However, as with all other theatres, closing our doors has had a significant impact on our financial position. If you are able to consider making a donation to the ADC Theatre please click here.


Mon 8 June at 2:00pm
Wed 10 June at 2:00pm
Fri 12 June at 2:00pm


ADC Online



CONTENT WARNING: COVID-19. The series will use the COVID-19 outbreak and the ensuing quarantine measures simply as a backdrop and context for humorous stories that will come from the characters' inner thoughts, their interactions with each other, and the changes they have to make in their lives. Whilst acknowledging that all of our circumstances have changed, we also hope to show that a lighter side can be found even in the midst of a crisis. The virus itself will not be the butt of any jokes and we never intend to belittle the severity of the pandemic; if we ever need to address it at all, we will strive to do so in a sensitive and serious manner.


ADC Online


8 June 2:00pm 2:00pm Book now
10 June 2:00pm 2:00pm Book now
12 June 2:00pm 2:00pm Book now