ADC Theatre
Tue 13 October

The Man Presents: Womxn

We've all heard of sticking it to The Man‚ so it only seems right that through a whole host of monologues‚ Cambridge's finest lady and non-binary comics will do just that - on stage‚ for every gender's viewing pleasure. This is the perfect showcase to portray the hilarity‚ strength‚ weirdness‚ wonderfulness‚ bravery, and all the many more things a woman/non-binary person can be.

Stockings are bringing The Man Presents: Womxn back to its basic‚ initial format as all these characters come together to stick it to their Male writer -- the one who ineptly branded them as what he 'thought' a woman character should be (read: quite frankly‚ written badly).


Tue 13 October at 11:00pm


ADC Theatre



This event will be live streamed from the ADC Theatre. There will be no audience at the Theatre.


ADC Theatre, Streaming Only


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