ADC Theatre
Wed 6 - Sat 9 March
Cambridge Impronauts

The Once and Improvised King

Hail and hearken, gentle audience! Have you heard the ancient legends of King Arthur? Of Camelot, and the Knights of the Round Table? Of their Quest for the Holy Grail? Of Lancelot and Guinevere’s forbidden love? Of Morgan Le Fay, and Merlin the wizard? Well, there are many more stories still to be told - especially the ones we haven’t made up yet…

The Cambridge Impronauts present The Once and Improvised King, an all-new cycle of Arthurian legends made up each night based on audience suggestions. An entirely improvised retinue of knights, ladies, enchanters, trusty squires, wise elders, incognito noble youths raised in obscurity, champions, fools, hermits, marvels and monsters shall embark upon a quest of the audience’s choosing. Battles shall be fought, things shall be found, and loves shall be loved. Any maybe we’ll fulfil one or two ancient prophecies along the way. That happens, apparently.


Wed 6 March at 11:00pm
Thu 7 March at 11:00pm
Fri 8 March at 11:00pm
Sat 9 March at 11:00pm


ADC Theatre


WED £5–£7, THU £6–£8, FRI/SAT £7–£9

The ADC Theatre is Britain's oldest University playhouse, today administered and maintained by the University of Cambridge. Plays have been presented on the site since 1855, when the Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club (CUADC) was founded, and the society met and performed in the back room of the Hoop Inn, which stood almost exactly where the ADC Theatre stands today.  Today, the ADC Theatre is the centre of University drama in Cambridge, run almost entirely by students with no Faculty involvement. 

This venue is wheelchair accessible. 


ADC Theatre
Park Street
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9 March 11:00pm 11:00pm Buy tickets