Corpus Playroom
Tue 14 - Sat 18 August

A Cultural Exchange

Two meetings
Two noses
Two nationalities
Two women
Two clowns

Biscotte (French) and Margareth (English) meet each other in the South of France. Although their two countries are both geographically 
and historically close, Margareth and Biscotte soon come across some personal, political and socio-economical differences. These they explore with emotional intensity, whilst trying to work out if they actually want to spend any time together.

They meet again during a second scenario when Margareth and Biscotte journey together on an old-age cultural spiritual encounter. Through the innocence of the red nose and caring for sheep – they encounter God.
-And some songs. –And a walk up a mountain.

Played and written by: Corinne Faucon and Freya Stang
Sound design: Didier Peigle
Artistic Director: Freya Stang

(Children also often enjoy the show, but some material, some adults, may find unsuitable for children.)


Wed 15 August at 7:45pm
Thu 16 August at 7:45pm
Fri 17 August at 7:45pm
Sat 18 August at 7:45pm


Tue £5–£7, Wed/Thu £6–£8, Fri/Sat £7–£9


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