ADC Theatre
Tue 8 - Sat 12 October
Cambridge American Stage Tour

CAST 2019: The Comedy of Errors

William Shakespeare

We are delighted to invite you to Antipholus’ birthday bash! Join us on this very special day for some party-popping, disco-bopping, candle-blowing, fancy-dressing fun! The banners are up, the mini sausage-rolls are out the oven, and the fabulous birthday boy (and Dromio) has arrived; there is only one thing left to do! Get this PARTY STARTED!

After being separated as infants, two sets of identical twins, with identical names, finally find themselves in the same place at the same time. Following years of travelling the world in search of their missing halves, Antipholus of Syracuse and his servant Dromio arrive in Ephesus (unbeknownst to them, the home of their long-lost siblings). However, standing in the way of their reunion is a chaotic series of mistaken identities, confusion, and a fair amount of cake.

Stick on a party hat and come celebrate Shakespeare’s most farcical comedy; reimagined as the world’s most anarchic birthday-do, The Comedy of Errors has us questioning who is who? What is going on? How many blooming layers of paper is there left to unwrap? And, really, how many errors can possibly be made in one day!?*

*SPOILER: many, many errors.


Tue 8 October at 7:45pm
Wed 9 October at 7:45pm
Thu 10 October at 7:45pm
Fri 11 October at 7:45pm
Sat 12 October at 2:30pm
Sat 12 October at 7:45pm


ADC Theatre


TUE £8–£10, WED/THU £9–£13, FRI/SAT £10–£14

The ADC Theatre is Britain's oldest University playhouse, today administered and maintained by the University of Cambridge. Plays have been presented on the site since 1855, when the Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club (CUADC) was founded, and the society met and performed in the back room of the Hoop Inn, which stood almost exactly where the ADC Theatre stands today.  Today, the ADC Theatre is the centre of University drama in Cambridge, run almost entirely by students with no Faculty involvement. 

This venue is wheelchair accessible. 


ADC Theatre
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