ADC Theatre
Tue 8 - Sat 12 November

Dance Nation

Clare Barron

Content warning [May contain spoilers]

I want to dance
I want to dance
I want to heal the world through DANCE
I want to dance
I want to dance
I want to feel alive through DANCE
I want to dance
I want to dance
I want to dance

Somewhere in America, a revolution is brewing. If they dance well enough, they can fix the world.

Dance Nation, by Clare Barron, tells the story of Liverpool Dance Works, a small dance studio in Ohio. We follow the dancers and their journey to nationals, in the process following their growing up. What follows is a tale of ambition, sexuality and power. Harmless dances become sites of ritual. Teeth become fangs. 11-13 year old girls become pagan gods, and politicians, and mothers.

This production is recommended for ages 15 and above.

This amateur production is presented by an arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd.


Tue 8 November at 7:45pm
Wed 9 November at 7:45pm
Thu 10 November at 7:45pm
Fri 11 November at 7:45pm
Sat 12 November at 7:45pm


ADC Theatre


TUE–THU £11–£14, FRI–SAT £13–£16

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