Corpus Playroom
Tue 26 February - Sat 2 March
Fletcher Players


Content warning [May contain spoilers]

What does it mean to watch and be watched? In an age of reality television, this new play examines the human tendency towards voyeurism and our willingness to observe the suffering of others.

Ava has an ideal life. A prominent GP, she has a thriving practice, a loving husband, and a talented child.

Tensions arise upon the appointment of a new patient, triggering the disintegration of both her personal and professional lives. Within three months, Ava is giving evidence against her husband in a destructively public murder trial. As she constructs a narrative of the past three months to an investigator, her distraught daughter begins to piece together an alternative course of events that would exonerate her father.

As events spiral out of her control and the paranoia of being watched amplifies Ava’s anxiety and shame, these tragic events of Ava’s life play out in the most public of forums.


Tue 26 February at 9:30pm
Wed 27 February at 9:30pm
Thu 28 February at 9:30pm
Fri 1 March at 9:30pm
Sat 2 March at 9:30pm


TUE £5–£7, WED/THU £6–£8, FRI/SAT £7–£9

Drug and Alcohol Misuse
Family Conflict

The Corpus Playroom is owned by Corpus Christi College, and managed by the University of Cambridge through the ADC Theatre. The College drama society, the Fletcher Players, are the resident company.

The L-shaped studio is Cambridge's primary fringe space, showcasing a variety of productions, with an emphasis on new writing. Seasons are programmed simultaneously with the ADC Theatre.

Please note: This venue is not wheelchair accessible. 


Corpus Playroom
10 St Edward's Passage
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