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Fri 5 June
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Three Women: a Play for Three Voices

Sylvia Plath

Content warning [May contain spoilers]

Three Women' follows three different experiences of pregnancy, through the seemingly unconnected voices of Wife, Secretary and Girl. Exploring birth, miscarriage and adoption, it questions what it means to become - or not become - a mother. Its vague setting of 'in a maternity ward and there about' is the perfect, indistinct arena to track the women's mental states and thoughts throughout their pregnancies, resulting in an inwardness of reflection which feels intimate and important. Plath's only radio play and criminally unknown, 'Three Women' is a stunning, half-hour verse exploration of themes of identity, loss, love, and - ultimately - healing.

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Fri 5 June at 7:00pm


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Suggestion of Rape
Discussion of Death
Discussion of Miscarriage
Depiction of Trauma
Violent Language


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