Corpus Playroom
Thu 13 - Sat 15 December
The Ministry of Unplanned Occurrences

What Happened to Tomorrow

Each new moment in time provokes a change – and creates a nearly infinite amount of futures.

Which small quirks of today will lead to the grand worlds of tomorrow? Will Alexa ever yearn for an assistant of her own? Will we outlive the tattoos we once thought permanent? And what happens when we get what we want?

They say the street finds its own use for things, especially in a world where technology has caused a shift in the social order. Join us as we tell the stories of the people in this world and find out what it means to live the other side of tomorrow.


Thu 13 December at 7:45pm
Fri 14 December at 7:45pm
Sat 15 December at 7:45pm


Thu £6-£8, Fri/Sat £7-£9

The Corpus Playroom is owned by Corpus Christi College, and managed by the University of Cambridge through the ADC Theatre. The College drama society, the Fletcher Players, are the resident company.

The L-shaped studio is Cambridge's primary fringe space, showcasing a variety of productions, with an emphasis on new writing. Seasons are programmed simultaneously with the ADC Theatre.

Please note: This venue is not wheelchair accessible. 


Corpus Playroom
10 St Edward's Passage
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13 December 7:45pm 7:45pm Buy tickets
14 December 7:45pm 7:45pm Buy tickets
15 December 7:45pm 7:45pm Buy tickets