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Tue 29 January - Sat 2 February

Wild Honey

Anton Chekhov, translated and adapted by Michael Frayn

You funny creature! A woman who loves you - a woman you love - fine summer weather. What could be simpler than that?'

Charming, handsome, and witty, once upon a time Platonov seemed bound for greatness. Now he is a simple country schoolteacher and husband to a dutiful yet unimaginative wife. After a long winter, summer has finally arrived and the village Don Juan will do anything for a bit of excitement.

Adapted from Anton Chekhov's untitled earliest complete work, which remained unperformed in his lifetime, Wild Honey is Michael Frayn's romp through the Russian countryside. A blending of the farcical and the tragic, this unique piece captures the combined absurdity and despair at the heart of Chekhov's scenario, creating the world of a gloriously bittersweet summer where none of the rules apply.


Tue 29 January at 7:45pm
Wed 30 January at 7:45pm
Thu 31 January at 7:45pm
Fri 1 February at 7:45pm
Sat 2 February at 7:45pm


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