Corpus Playroom
Tue 25 - Wed 26 April
Fletcher Players

The Man Presents: Women

Molly Stacey, Millie Foy, Louisa Keight, Rhiannon Shaw

Content warning [May contain spoilers]

What happens to the women that men can’t write? In this hour of story-sharing character comedy, a group of Cambridge’s finest lady comics will endeavour to find out. Fresh from every screen and ever, the cast-offs, the sidekicks, the non-specific love interests and the straight-up plot-devices come together to stick it to The Man. Specifically, one man in particular. Their writer.

With multiple women actually allowed on stage at once, who knows what might happen? We wager it will be something very, very funny. This is Good Girls, Written Bad(ly).



60 minutes



Gender discrimination

Production team