Social Distancing FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our plans to re-open in Summer

How will households be kept apart?

Our new booking system is designed to allow households to book seats in the auditorium together whilst remaining socially distanced from other guests in the auditorium. All groups of seats will be spaced 1m apart, with face coverings being compulsory to wear at all times in the venue. A one-way system throughout the front of house areas is designed to reduce congestion, with floor stickers clearly indicating where you should stand whilst queuing such as to maintain social distancing.

How will social distancing be enforced?

Our front of house team will be on hand to provide assistance and to monitor social distancing throughout the venue.

Will hand sanitiser be made available?

Hand sanitiser dispensers will be located in the foyer as well as at auditorium entrances and exits. We encourage our guests to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser frequently, especially before and after entering the auditorium.

How will the auditorium be cleaned?

All touch-points in the auditorium including arm rests and hand rails will be cleaned by a member of our front of house staff before every performance.

Is the auditorium ventilated?

During our summer 2018 redevelopment, a new ventilation system was installed which naturally circulates fresh air through the auditorium.

How will you reduce congestion at pinch-points such as the toilets?

Social distancing floor stickers and a one-way system throughout our front of house areas are designed to ease congestion at key pinch-points in the venue. Our toilets will operate a one-in-one-out system to ensure that social distancing can be maintained at all times.

Will face coverings be mandatory?

With the exception of one 2m distanced seat in our auditorium (which can be booked by someone with a medical exemption by calling our Box Office on 01223 300085), face coverings will be mandatory for all staff and guests at the venue at all times. There will be no exemption for children.

Do you plan on holding performances with even tighter safety measures for those who are cautious about returning?

We hope that the measures we have put in place throughout the theatre will help to reassure you that it is safe to return. We currently do not plan on holding any performances with different social distancing measures, with 1m+ social distancing along with the mandatory wearing of face coverings being applicable to all performances at the ADC.

Have you considered outdoor theatre?

All of our productions at the ADC Theatre and Corpus Playroom will be staged outdoors. However we are planning an outdoor show this summer which we will be announcing more information about in due course.

How will you be keeping your performers, technicians and staff safe?

The theatre has developed comprehensive risk assessments in line with the latest government guidance on the performing arts sector in order to ensure the safety of all building users including our staff, performers and technicians. All students involved in productions at the venue must follow the theatre's new Coronavirus Production Guidelines which enforce social distancing, good hygiene practice and the wearing of face coverings throughout the rehearsal and development process, as well as during performances. Please feel free to get in touch with the Theatre Manager if you have any queries or concerns related to this:

Will livestreamed shows be available on demand?

Unfortunately, due to restrictions on performance rights for many of our productions, shows can only be watched live and not on demand.

Can I watch a livestreamed show outside of the UK?

All of our livestreamed shows can be watched from anywhere in the world, but please note that the performances can only be viewed live so remember to tune in at the correct UK time.

Will there be a livestream subscription service?

Unfortunately, due to complexities in how our Box Office and finance systems operate we will not be able to offer season tickets for livestreamed performances; however, all tickets to livestreamed shows will be sold at a slightly reduced price compared to seeing the show in-person.

What will the quality of livestreaming be like?

The theatre has invested in industry-standard equipment and upgrades to the building's infrastructure to facilitate the livestreaming of our productions. Floating and radio microphones will be used to ensure high audio quality, whilst new cameras will be positioned throughout the auditorium to allow you to view the show from multiple angles.

Will there be a live audience for livestreamed shows?

All of our shows at the ADC Theatre will take place with a socially distanced, in-person audience alongside livestreaming.

How can I support the theatre if I don't feel comfortable returning yet?

Even if you do not feel comfortable returning to the theatre in-person, you can still support us by watching some of our livestreamed performances from the comfort of your own home. You can also purchase a membership or donate to the theatre here.

Will there be shows at the Corpus Playroom?

We are excited to announce that the Corpus Playroom is re-opening for our Summer season. You can find out more information here.

If you have any questions you would like to ask us, please do not hesitate to contact the ADC Theatre Manager, Jamie, at