Student Applications

Find out more about how to apply with a show

Due to the current lockdown and the fact that students will not be returning to Cambridge this Spring term, the ADC Theatre will be producing an online season of shows: both pre-recorded and livestreamed shows, and a combination of video and audio-only productions.

If you are a student at Cambridge University or Anglia Ruskin University, then you can apply to direct, write or produce a show.

If you have any questions related to applying to stage a show, fill out the Questions form at the bottom of this page, or email the ADC Production Manager, Lucia, at

These are the key dates to be aware of:

  • Monday 18 January at 11am: The application form on this website closes
  • Week beginning 25 January: You will find out if your application is successful, based on you written application and the script (if applicable)

To make an application, you simply need to fill out the form that is on this webpage.

The form will ask you for the following:

  • The name of your show, and author if applicable
  • The applicant's name, contact details and preferred pronouns
  • A synopsis for the show, and any necessary content notes
  • Your answers to the following questions:
    • Why are you passionate about this show?
    • What ideas do you have for creating it as an online production?
    • How do you want the audience to react to the show?
  • Whether you want your show to be live or pre-recorded
  • Which week you would like your show to take place in the season
  • A 150-word publicity blurb, to use on the website
  • A non-copyrighted publicity image to use on the website
  • A script and/or other supporting material, if applicable
  • Any adjustments that you require for the application process (contact the Theatre Manager, Jamie, at if you would prefer to discuss this directly)

What to consider before making an application

Online Productions

Our online season will be available to watch free of charge on our YouTube channel. We plan to debut two shows each week, on Tuesday and Wednesday at 8pm.

We are accepting applications for both pre-recorded and live shows. We are considering applications for both video and audio-only shows.

Pre-recorded shows will be made up of recorded video and audio that is edited together by a student and then sent over to the ADC a few days in advance of the premiere date. Further information and training about how this works can be provided by the ADC's Technical Manager, Eduardo, at

Live shows will be made from a Zoom call with the participants in it that is broadcast live to our YouTube channel. Software can be provided that allows a student to control and change who is visible on screen at certain times.  Further information and training about how this works can be provided by the ADC's Technical Manager, Eduardo, at


Since these shows will be broadcast free of charge, and hence do not have a production budget, we will only be considering applications for shows that do not have performing rights.

Your show should be made of material that is either original or out of copyright. Please email Lucia at if you have any uncertainty about this.


Due to the short amount of time until the online season begins, we are only considering shows that have completed scripts already written, unless the show has a large element of improvised or devised material.

Available Weeks

We will be programming shows in the following weeks:

  • Week 3 (week beginning 9th February)
  • Week 4 (week beginning 16th February)
  • Week 5 (week beginning 23rd February)
  • Week 6 (week beginning 1st March)
  • Week 7 (week beginning 8th March)
  • Week 8 (Week beginning 16th March)


If you have any questions about the applications process, please fill out the form below, and you will receive an answer to your question:

If you have any comments or feedback to provide about the show application process, then please fill out the anonymous feedback form below: