Technical Information

We provide industry standard equipment for our shows, from lanterns to musical instruments!

Recent Updates

  • Tab Stock updated to reflect actual stock (19/07/2021)
  • Default DMX Patch updated to accommodate new lanterns (19/07/2021)
  • Radio Mic Frequencies updated to a new plot that has been coordinated with nearby RF users. All receivers have been calibrated to this. Do not change them without checking with the Technical Manager (19/07/2021)

ADC Theatre

Below are downloads of the current technical specifications for the ADC Theatre. If you require more information, or have any questions, please email the Technical Manager on

CUADC Wood Stock for Sale

Following the cancellation of Panto this year, a lot of spare wood belonging to CUADC was left in the workshop. The ADC is selling this wood on to shows at the ADC Theatre and Corpus Playroom this term at cost price, and passing the proceeds on the CUADC. A list of what is currently unclaimed, along with prices for the items, can be found on this Google Sheet

Please email to claim wood. It will be marked with your show name and you can collect it from the wood racks when it's needed. Priority will be given to shows earlier in term to try and keep the wood racks as clear as possible.

About the plan

The stage plan and section are both available in A1 (1:25 scale) and A3 (1:50 scale). When printing, ensure you turn off any shrinking or scaling options in your printer configuration.

The ADC Theatre CAD Model is maintained by Eddy Langley. Further information and CAD plans, as well as a history of changes to the ADC auditorium, can be found on his website,

Corpus Playroom

Below are downloads of our current technical specifications for the Corpus Playroom. If you require more information please email our Technical Manager on technical@adctheatre.comEquipment can be hired from the ADC Theatre when available.