Technical Information

We provide industry standard equipment for our shows, from lanterns to musical instruments!
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This page lists tech specs and health and safety information for the ADC Theatre, Corpus Playroom, and Larkum Studio.

For other guidance on how to approach technical work for shows at the ADC, please see Guides and Handbooks.

Recent Updates

Recent updates to this page can be found here. An archive of previous changes is available in the 'changelog' document below.

  • (25/07/23) - Soft legs The theatre has purchased six new BWS soft legs for use onstage. There are also now six swivel arm brackets to hang them from to allow them to be rigged in more useful angles than parallel with the bar.

ADC Technical Representatives

Technical Representative Training

Technicians leading stage activity during the get-in and get-out of ADC Main Shows (usually the Technical Director and Lighting Designer) must be signed off as a Technical Representative of the production prior to beginning work.

For new technical representatives this involves attending at least one get-in and get-out prior to your own show and in-person training on the role of the Technical Representative and relevant stage systems. Please arrange this training with the ADC’s Technical Manager by emailing them at technical at The guides on the different elements of technical representative training are available in the Production Google Drive in the "Health and Safety Resources" folder.

For returning technical representatives we just ask that you read over the training sheets to check if anything has changed since you last worked on a show, and confirm this with the Technical or Production Managers so we can sign you off as a TR. This should be done ahead of a show signing off Section 3.

Technical Representative Standard Practices

At the ADC any hazardous technical work should be risk assessed in advance of work commencing. However, many processes or constructions are common across multiple shows. For this reason certain activities have already been risk assessed and are referred to as 'standard practice'. The risk assessments for these live in the 'TR Standard Practices' document, available in the Production Google Drive, in the "Health and Safety" Resources folder. If your production wishes to do something that is not covered by a standard practice risk assessment, we will need to approve an additional risk assessment submitted as part of the production risk assessment paperwork.

ADC Theatre Technical Specification

Below are downloads of the current technical specifications for the ADC Theatre. If you require more information, or have any questions, please email the Technical Manager on technical at

An introductory guide to Stage Lighting can be found at It is mainly targeted at those new to lighting, but may hold some interesting information for those already familiar with it.

About the plan

The stage plan and section are both available in A1 (1:25 scale) and A3 (1:50 scale). When printing, ensure you turn off any shrinking or scaling options in your printer configuration.

The ADC Theatre CAD Model is maintained by Eddy Langley. Further information and CAD plans, as well as a history of changes to the ADC auditorium, can be found on his website,

ADC Sketchup Extension

Additionally, a Sketchup extension exists for mapping out the ADC Theatre stage in 3D. This sees less frequent updates, so some measurements might not be perfectly accurate - defer to the stage plans above if in doubt - but is useful for those who prefer to design sets in 3D. It can be found and downloaded at

Corpus Playroom Technical Specification

Below are downloads of our current technical specifications for the Corpus Playroom. If you require more information please email our Technical Manager on technical at

Equipment from the ADC Theatre can be used at the Playroom free of charge, though please check with the Technical Manager in advance of removing equipment with limited stock (e.g. the ADC's LED lighting fixtures) to the Playroom. All equipment taken to the Playroom must be returned at the get-out at the end of the week, unless the following show wishes to use it.

A large manual trolley is available for transporting heavy items and furniture between the ADC Theatre and the Corpus Playroom.