Technical Information

We provide industry standard equipment for our shows, from lanterns to musical instruments!

Recent Updates

  • (04/12/2021) Standard Frontwash introduced.
  • (09/10/2021) Technical Representative Training & Stagehand Peer Training system instituted. TR Standard Practices updated to reflect this.
  • (20/09/2021) Step Bins have been reinstalled. The following are stored in them:
    • Cable ramps
    • Source 4 Lustr lens tubes
    • Lantern top hats and other bulk accessories
    • Effects machines (smoke machine, minimist, strobe fixtures)
    • Birdies
    • Mirror balls + motor
  • (20/09/2021) Lantern List updated to reflect:
    • Increase in ColorSource PAR stock from 12 to 16.
    • Increase in Source 4 Lens tube stock for 19, 26, and 36 degree tubes to 10 of each. 
  • (20/09/2021) New Projector - It is operated from Qlab like the previous projector, though is brighter and higher resolution. The old projector is still in the building and can be rigged in the grid or elsewhere for specific effects. Please email me at if you are interested in using it.
  • (20/09/2021) New Hazer - Information sheet on use below. Please read before using the hazer in your show as it is a bit fiddly to set up over DMX (though is more reliable than the old one). 
  • (20/09/2021) Counterweight Loading Table - Information sheet on the usual weights of different common stage items added below. This matches an updated sign in the loading gallery.
  • (20/09/2021) Building Video Infrastructure - The video cabling in stage areas (including Larkum) has been upgraded to be SDI compatible, allowing FHD digital video to be sent around the building. This makes things like sending Qlab outputs or video feeds to screens or projectors onstage much easier. Email me at if you want to ask about using video in your show.

ADC Theatre

Below are downloads of the current technical specifications for the ADC Theatre. If you require more information, or have any questions, please email the Technical Manager on

About the plan

The stage plan and section are both available in A1 (1:25 scale) and A3 (1:50 scale). When printing, ensure you turn off any shrinking or scaling options in your printer configuration.

The ADC Theatre CAD Model is maintained by Eddy Langley. Further information and CAD plans, as well as a history of changes to the ADC auditorium, can be found on his website,

Corpus Playroom

Below are downloads of our current technical specifications for the Corpus Playroom. If you require more information please email our Technical Manager on technical@adctheatre.comEquipment can be hired from the ADC Theatre when available.