As the home of the Cambridge Footlights, the ADC Theatre is at the heart of one of the country's biggest and brightest comedy scenes

There are many opportunities to get involved with performing and writing comedy in Cambridge. At the ADC, the real breeding ground for new talent is the fortnightly Footlights Smokers. Many other venues around the town also hold regular smokers and comedy nights.


If you are interested in getting involved in Cambridge comedy, and are a student at either Cambridge or Anglia Ruskin, then sign up to the Footlights Mailing List, where every week you will receive information on upcoming comedy performances as well as auditions, open-mics, workshops, and other comedy events.

For more information about the Footlights and the events they run at the ADC Theatre, Corpus Playroom and beyond, head to their website!

Footlights Membership

Footlights membership is available to students of the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin. Each term applications will open to become a member of the Footlights, with applications being sent to, and containing info on your comedy experience to date, as well as how you might use your Footlights membership to positively impact comedy in Cambridge. Applications will then be processed by the committee, with the results of an application known a few days after the deadline.

“The ADC has provided, and continues to provide, a great deal of creative energy to the professional theatre.”

Sir Peter Hall