Report Harassment or Discrimination

As a department of the University of Cambridge, the ADC Theatre is committed to preventing any form of discrimination, harassment, victimisation or sexual misconduct, among its staff, the student community and our customers. More detail on this policy can be found on the University's website. We are committed to being a place in which people can feel safe, and those found to be conducting discrimination, harassment, victimisation or sexual misconduct will receive disciplinary action by being banned from future activity at the theatre and being reported to the University's Office of Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals.

In addition to the above University resources, you can also go directly to the University Sexual Assault and Harassment Advisor who is able to offer support to survivors regardless of whether or not they choose to engage with any reporting processes. This guide, produced by students at Clare College, also has advice and resources on dealing with sexual harassment and assault, as well as more information on what avenues of support are available.

If you have been the subject of harassment while at the ADC Theatre or Corpus Playroom, or would like to report any misconduct, then please contact any of the staff members listed below, who have been trained in Responding to Harassment and Misconduct in a University setting. They will be able to guide you through what avenues of support are available, as well as what options you have for pursuing formal and informal complaints - they are also available to contact if you have any further questions about how we handle these reports internally, should you want to find out more before making an official report.

Alternatively, if you would prefer not to get in touch directly, you can fill out the form below, where you will be given the option to remain anonymous. This form is able to be accessed by all six members of the management team, who are aware of it's nature and the need for discretion/confidentiality, but anything submitted will only ever be responded to or actioned by one of the trained people listed above.

We are unfortunately not be able to escalate any isolated anonymous reports to a University level, nor will we be able to initiate disciplinary action in response to isolated incidents reported anonymously. Reports made by named individuals will result in internal disciplinary action and the perpetrator being reported to the University OSCCA.

We are committed to prioritising the safety of survivors and will take all steps possible to ensure that they are able to return to the ADC Theatre and Corpus Playroom feeling safe and supported in those environments. Disciplinary action is largely handled by individual colleges, but for our part, as far as is practicable, we will bar individuals from our buildings altogether and, where relevant, they will be banned from engaging in any theatrical activity at either venue. We are also able to report individuals to their colleges, provided that the person making the report has consented to or requested this step.

The flow chart below explains how the process of reporting works: