Glory Days PREVIEW

Glory Days PREVIEW

For a taste of their improvised show Glory Days opening this week, in this mock-blog, director/performer Carla Keen interviews ‘Jessica Regan’ and ‘Steve Stevens’ about their day and asks about the upcoming reboot of their hit TV series.

My Weekday
Jessica Regan and Steve Stevens (from the hit 2000s ITV sitcom People with Lives)

Steve: I wake up at the same time every morning. I’ll read for an hour, right now it’s War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. Then I’ll make an espresso in my De’Longhi Dedica, sit down and check the edit of my podcast, My Favourite Bits of Famous Films.

Steve: I’ll hit the gym in Stevenage, which they open an hour early for me, so I can workout alone. I know they enjoy being vaguely associated with someone who was on TV, so they don’t mind. I workout twice a day, otherwise I get facial bloating.

Jessica: I probably wake up as my phone rings and speak to my PA. She’ll tell me where I need to be that day. I’ll grab a drink on the way out to the car she’s sent.
Steve: I meet my PA at the local Wetherspoons. They do a fantastic brunch and I know they like being associated with someone who was on TV. I’ve got Gordon Ramsey’s number in my iPhone, but I’ve never been disappointed by a Wetherspoons.

Jessica: I’m a semi-regular on The Archers, so I’ll pop to the Beeb for a quick recording. We’ll grab lunch and a drink at The Ivy, before I head to a viewing of my latest collection, ‘Jessica by Jessica’. We’re looking at it being the clothing range for Waitrose.
Steve: Back home for lunch with my wife and then I’ll check how my Bitcoin is doing and play some Minecraft.

Jessica: Studio at ITV for the recording for the new series of the show. I’ve had the same driver since the first series of People with Lives so he’s very good at getting me where I need to be. I meet the others in the green room, where I grab a quick drink, and we reminisce about the old days.
Steve: I drive the Prius to ITV for the recording. It’s great seeing the others again after 15 years, but I’m in tip top shape, and looking forward to recording again. It’s sad that Jack can’t be with us, but I’ll say a little buddhist mantra in his honour.

Jessica: I meet with some friends and my agent at The Wolseley over dinner. We’ll look over the publicity for the new series and have a drink. I love London, and I might catch a show. I have a permanently reserved seat in all of Cameron’s theatres.
Steve: I try to make it home for dinner every night. My wife and I are sadly without child, but that means we can enjoy a game of Catan in the evening. We are also learning ballroom dancing, so if any BBC execs are reading this, I’m already halfway to Strictly (and if you could pair me with Amy, I think we have a similar temperament.)

(NOTE: Jessica and Steve were made up for this mock-blog and won’t appear in the show, which is improvised. The characters we do create could be from any field of expertise, from gardening to rock music. We’ll find out how they impacted their fields, fell from grace, and why they are reuniting now...)

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