Parlour Song PREVIEW

Parlour Song PREVIEW

Director, Neve Kennedy, tells us about this week's production of Jez Butterworth's PARLOUR SONG.

What is the play about?

Parlour Song follows two couples (although we only meet three of the characters) who live next door to each other. When things start to disappear from one couple’s houses, we discover the couples share must more than just their address. Exploring a friendship, a marriage and an affair, Parlour Song is a deep dive into ordinary life that is never as ordinary as it seems.

Why did you want to bring this play to the ADC?

I really adore all of Butterworth’s plays but Parlour Song has some of the most beautiful characters and relationships that I really wanted to explore. It is so simple on the face of it but as soon as you dig deeper, the show is so full of little twists and turns and unanswered questions.

The mix of complete naturalism and dark surrealism is really cool - Being able to play with juxtaposing two very different types of theatre into one coherent piece has been a lot of fun.

Photo by Alicia Cash

Why should you come to see this show?

The cast! Bella, Ollie and Louisa will show you a masterclass in acting. They have been so wonderful and have brought this play to life. (Also, we’re hanging lots of random stuff from the ceiling!)

What will audiences take away from this show?

It is a show that will linger with you long after the final lines. Butterworth never quite answers all our questions and it is a lot of fun to see how audiences choose to tie up the beautifully loose ends.

What have you found to be the most rewarding part of the production process?

Working with such a creative and talented set/design team has been incredible. Our set is ambitious but Izzie, Jeremy and Lucas have constantly brought new and beautiful ideas to the table that I am so excited to see come to life on the ADC stage!

Photo by Alicia Cash

Parlour Song opens on Tuesday 24 January at the ADC Theatre and runs for one week only.

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