Larkum Studio
Thu 2 May


Samuel Sandor

Content warning [May contain spoilers]

We regret that this performance has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

"The worst is yet to come and so much more"

When George's pet jellyfish falls ill, a life support machine is installed to keep it alive indefinitely. In the face of constant pressure to move on, George becomes increasingly and inexplicably concerned that maybe everyone's right: it can't last and there's nothing for it but to put the thing out of its misery.

Medusa is a one-act play that traces one day in George's apartment, as an absurd, inexplicable, and crushing sense of inevitability mounts.

This is a rehearsed reading of a new play by Samuel Sandor.

This production is suitable for ages 16 and over.



Larkum Studio



animal cruelty and/or death; mental illness

The ADC Theatre is Britain's oldest University playhouse, today administered and maintained by the University of Cambridge. Plays have been presented on the site since 1855, when the Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club (CUADC) was founded, and the society met and performed in the back room of the Hoop Inn, which stood almost exactly where the ADC Theatre stands today.  Today, the ADC Theatre is the centre of University drama in Cambridge, run almost entirely by students with no Faculty involvement. 

The Larkum Studio is accessed through the far side of the ADC Bar.

This venue is wheelchair accessible. More information can be viewed here.


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